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Bundle of 3 Super Sack Archery Target Cover 37" x 37"
Product Number BCTAR37-3
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Bundle of 3 Super Sack Archery Target Cover 37" x 37"
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BAG Corp is pleased to introduce our line of Super Sack Archery Targets! BAG Corp, the industry leader in bulk bags, now offers a variety of quality archery targets. Our Super Sack Archery Targets are made of heavy-duty, cut-resistant woven polypropylene fabric and are printed on both sides.
The archery target pictures and video courtesy of, stand not included.

Easy To Replace:
  • Unstuffed Archery Target
  • Made of heavy-duty, cut-resistant polypropylene fabric
  • Printed on both sides
  • Moisture Resistant
  • 37" x 37"
  • Heavy-Duty 5" loops on each corner
  • Bag Target
  • Pillow Target
  • Replacement Archery Target
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    Archer, Bowyer, Arrowsmith
    Fantastic product and at a decent price too boot! Great company to do business with also- safe website, safe and easy on-line ordering and fast shipping. I shoot at least 100 arrows every day and these things outlast by far any other target bale I've tried- at least 20,000 shots/bag. The caveat is that I shoot < 40# traditional bows. I stuff the bags with plastic shopping bags and, even with both sides of the bags well shot-up, very rarely get pass-thrus. When I do, stomping on the bag to redistribute the stuffing eliminates pass-thrus. For high energy archery, cloth stuffing should give equivalent performance. The only- and very minor- issue I have with these bags is that they are not available without the painted-on target rings for blank bale shooting and for painting on one's own targets. FWIW, I drape heavy black landscape fabric over the bags for blank bale work and for painting-on lots of small aiming dots with white paint. The later also makes the bags last longer. I'd bet plain bags sold with suitable paint or dye (I've not found one) would be a hit.
    Reviewed by: c.d. from Chattanooga, TN. on 7/20/2015
    I bought several of the 37"x37" Target covers and I have to say best for the money . I have replace several target bags, the best so far
    Reviewed by: manny from chicago burbs . on 6/5/2015
    Excellent Archery Bag and Makes a Great Target Face
    I recently bought several of the 37"x37" Target covers and I have to say I am impressed. I have done the OEM replacement on several bags, as well as some budget replacements and these are the best so far. I split one bag to make 2 faces for a framed lifetime target and filled a second with shrink wrap and these bags are tough. They are sewn together well and have strong straps to suspend the filled bag from a frame. I have had these a couple weeks and if the first 1000 arrows is any indication, they will last a long time. In comparison, a budget cover I purchased three months ago only lasted about 1500 shots in the center before it was rendered useless! I highly recommend these bags.
    Reviewed by: cricman from Fort Worth. on 2/8/2015
    Put my new bag to use yesterday and was very pleased with the quality and ease of use.
    Reviewed by: denis bonzo from texas. on 5/12/2014
    target bags
    great bags for replacement over a old target or making a new one with old rags and /or swrink wrap. Big with a great target face. Another bonus was the Velcro tops which I didn't know it had. very happy with purchase
    Reviewed by: robert zieba from north andover mass.. on 2/25/2014
    Director of school district 11 of K- 5th Grade sports
    Unbelievable durable bag. I have 8 of the bags with 3 inch etha foam cut for these bags. We use recurve bows up to 25 lb draw and compound bows up to 45 lb draw and they work perfect.. We use two panels of 2 inch etha foam for the compounds and they do not pass through at all. We have put about 500 shots in each bag in the last 2 weeks and hardly show of wear at all. Be sure you use 2.2 lb etha foam product inside of bag.
    Reviewed by: Richard OCain from Colorado Springs Colorado. on 11/22/2013
    Great product
    Excellent product, heavy duty, shipped fast, helpful customer service!
    Reviewed by: Warren from NY. on 8/14/2013
    BCTAR37-3 Bundle of 3 Super Sack Archery
    Seem to be high quality and came in super fast. Old target slid right in and back to shooting again. Thanks!
    Reviewed by: Billy D from OKC, OK. on 7/21/2013
    great product fast shipping.
    great product fast shipping.
    Reviewed by: Russell Guthrie from Alaska. on 6/28/2013
    Very nice quality
    These Target Bags are very nice quality with an excellent price. I filled one with an old sleeping bag, stuffing out of an old punching bag and some old foam I had around and the Target stopped an arrow just fine. Much better target than I could have found at an Archery Shop. The only problem I see with the product is that it was hard to find with an internet search I have been looking for this type product for some time and have no luck. You need better advertising, these Target Bags should sell like crazy if Archers know they are available.
    Reviewed by: Robert Ziegler from CA. on 6/25/2013
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