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Equipment has partnered with FormPak, Inc., and with Kemutec USA. You can now easily purchase FormPak lifting adapters and filling frames, and Kemutec Iris Valves and replacement parts, online with a credit card and your order will be shipped within two business days.
Lifting Adapters Lifting Adapters
Easily lift the industry standard heavy bulk bag.
Filling Frames Filling Frames
Designed for easy filling of full open and duffel top bags with lift loops.
Iris Valves Iris Valves
Mucon Iris Diaphragm Valve (IDV) controls the flow of powders and granular material.

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*Not applicable in Alaska or Hawaii*

*Does Not Apply to Equipment Sales.

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bulk bag filling equipment FormPak Lifting Adapters
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bulk seed bags Super Sack Max Seed Bag
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FIBC Super Sack Container Low-Pro Plus Super Sack Container
27" x 43" x 40" H
Archery Target Replacement Cover Archery Target Cover
37" x 37"