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From Super SackŪ Container cordlocks to bulk bag sack patch repair tape, if you need to buy FIBC Accessories you can do so easily online right here.
Cordlocks Cordlocks
A locking device for closing bulk bag spouts.
R.O.D. Release Hook R.O.D. Release Hook
This hook is used to safely open a spout bottom or full open dump bulk bag. This takes the operator out from under the FIBC during discharge.


Sack Patch Tape Sack Patch Tape
Heavy duty polypropylene with adhesive backing. Used for minor repair of damaged bulk bags.

Wire Ties Wire Ties
Plastic coated wire used for closing the fill spouts and/or discharge spouts of a FIBC.


Wire Tie Pull Twist Tool Wire Tie Pull Twist Tool
A tool used for twisting wire ties around the fill or discharge spout of a bulk bag for closure.