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Mucon JS12 Iris Diaphragm Valve
Product Number S4889-01A-09
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Mucon JS12 Iris Diaphragm Valve
Bulk Bag Discharge Control
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The Mucon JS Series Valve is specifically designed for fitting to FIBC and bulk bag discharge applications. It features a single diaphragm for dust tight closure of the bag neck. The concentric open/ close action and multi-notched body provides maximum flow control.

  • Bore sizes are 300mm(12").
  • Designed specifically for FIBCs, suitable for materials up to 1200 kg.m3.
  • Concentric opening /closing action for ideal flow characteristics.
  • Multi-notched body for maximum flow control.
  • Tapered valve inlet prevents damage and aids flow.
  • Fabric diaphragm ensures gentle but sure shut off.
  • Robust construction.
  • Slim design.
  • Single diaphragm for dust tight closure.
  • Coatings available for corrosive environments.
  • Body parts manufactured from aluminum and zinc. Aluminum with nylon triggers and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Diminsions are 24 X 18 X 4” 20 pounds
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