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WindMule ™ Plus Utility Bag - 4 Loop , Super Sack® Container Bulk Bag
Product Number 99999-72
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WindMule ™ Plus Utility Bag - 4 Loop , Super Sack® Container Bulk Bag
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WindMule™ Bag Reliable, strong and long-lasting, the WindMule ™ Utility Bag is designed to carry or lift tools, products, parts, or materials to hard to reach worksites or locations. With its large open top, 800 pound capacity and industrial strength lift loops it can take the heavy ­lifting from your shoulders and help you get the job done quickly at a fraction of the cost of a canvas Lineman’s Bucket or other totes. The WindMule ™ Utility Bag is ready to use and easy to lift. Hardwall construction provides stiff side walls for support yet bag remains pliable. It features a large 22 inch open top that can be ‘cinched’ or closed off to prevent objects from falling out, and compacts to fraction of original size when not in use.

  • 18" x 18" x 26" (H)
  • Capacity: 800 lbs, 5 cubic feet
  • Fabric: Coated
  • Lift Loops: (4) 12"
  • Top: Duffel Top, Web Tie Closure
  • Bottom: 8 ounce coated double flat bottom
  • Doc Pouch: None
  • Print: None
  • Ideal as a tool caddy transport
  • Extended lift loops for center point lifting
  • Bale Count: 50
  • Stiffeners inserted and sewn 4 per Bag Sewn inside the bag walls
  • Customer Reviews Average Rating review
    An Excellent Solution
    This bag exceeded expectations for price and reliability. Would recommend it for any wind work.
    Reviewed by: Chris from Geyser. on 3/10/2020
    I in our retirement my wife & I have taken up riding bikes again, this time electric assist bikes to help us endure more miles, especially up hills. Their electronic control devices are located in the handlebars and I am told should not be subject to rain and dew. This bag is a good size to place on them overnight or whenever showers are expected. The bag did well while hauling them to Maine for 7 hours in constant rain. My only other solution would have been to buy custom made motorcycle covers, very costly and bulky not very practical for getting on and off quickly. This bag as pictured I had to modify it by removing the rigid corrugated panels. Very rugged material, which showed no signs of shredding at highway speeds.
    Reviewed by: gentlemanbiker from Vermont. on 5/28/2013
    Purchasing Mgr
    The bags are exactly what we have been searching for! They are strong, well made and make it easy to lift heavy weights into our large boats using our crane system. Before, we had to use crates to move the weights, but these save so much time and space! I definetly would recommend them! Their customer service was awesome as well!
    Reviewed by: Jimmie Turner from Yamaha Marine Test Facility. on 2/25/2013
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